Versatile Spring Trends.

Versatile Spring Trends.

So, most of us have a job. Wether it be in a 9-5 setting, wearing a uniform or staying at home with the kiddos, we ALL still like to look good and feel good in and out of "work".  Our favorite (and easy) item is the Kimono!

The Kimono is THE PERFECT add-on to any outfit to give it the right amount of "extra" we're looking for. Take the floral kimono in the picture for example. Here, we have it with our active wear leggings that for reals breaths new life into a normal drab look. Being a stay at home mom, my signature outfit consists of yummy compression leggings and a tank or tee with a fun layer. It's EASY, COMFY and I feel good in it!  

Now, picture the same kimono paired with a solid cami your favorite Wear To Work pants, comfy heels and super cute statement earrings sitting in a board meeting. It works. You look good. Your comfortable. Your confident. At the end of the day your ready for happy hour, no outfit change required.

The Kimono can take your once typical, basic outfit to the next level with the snap of your's that easy! It's seasonless and timeless and has no boundaries. Think about's one of the only things that can be paired with cut-offs, leggings and wear to work pants and make you look and feel effortlessly chic! 

So, Kimono...we thank you. Thank you for making us look and feel good!! MUAH!

(Pictured: In Dreams Kimono paired with the Stevie Leggings, James sunglasses and Dakota sports bra.)

Lisa Kuzmitsky
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